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Crypto Tax Girl is a full-service tax firm offering a range of crypto tax services. We offer crypto tax reports, tax return filing services, tax advisory services, tax notice resolution services, and bookkeeping services. Or if you want to do it yourself, we also have a course that teaches you how to calculate your crypto taxes and file them on your own. There’s something here for everyone!

We know that taxes are one of the worst parts of crypto, so we are passionate about making the process of doing your crypto taxes easy. Our founder, Laura Walter, is a CPA and has been an industry leader in the crypto tax space since 2017, and over the past 6+ years, we have helped thousands of people navigate their crypto tax issues.

We pride ourselves in being one of the best (if not the best) crypto tax firm in the US. Working with us means that you will get your crypto taxes done quickly and that they will be done right. We aren’t just a tax firm that understands what cryptocurrency is.

All of our team members have been heavily involved in the crypto space for years, and we are excited by the same things that you are! Complicated crypto activities such as NFTs, liquidity pools, options, yield farming, mining, staking, nodes, crypto loans, P2E gaming, cross chain bridging, etc. don’t intimidate us. We’ve dealt with all of them, both personally and with our clients, and we can help you navigate the tax implications of them, regardless of whether there is official tax guidance or not. Whether you’re new to crypto, or have thousands and thousands of transactions, we would love to help you! Even though in the early days, finding a crypto tax accountant was rare, we know that you have more options now, so we are happy you are here. If you’d like to hear more about us, ask some questions, or chat to see if we are a good fit for each other, feel free to reach out or schedule an intro call any time!

Meet Our Expert Team Members

Laura Walter

Laura Walter

Founder & CPA

After graduating with her masters in tax from BYU, Laura worked for PwC on their international tax team, Disney on their theme parks and hotels tax team, and then for EY on their People Advisory Services tax team, where she specialized in individual tax compliance for expats. She has personally been in crypto since 2014 and when the market took off in 2017 she saw crypto taxes were a much needed service in the space so she quit her job at EY and started Crypto Tax Girl, the first tax firm to focus solely on crypto taxes. Since starting CTG, Laura has been able to grow the company and her own family, and she is now a mom to two little boys. She loves traveling, taking pictures, journaling, and party planning, and she’s currently learning Japanese.
Joe Howe

Joe Howe

Head of Operations

Joe graduated from the University of Kansas in 2018 with both an accounting and finance degree. After college, he worked in corporate accounting at Raytheon Technologies until joining Crypto Tax Girl in 2020. Joe has been personally involved in the crypto space since 2017 and loves to scour Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and other platforms to learn everything he can on all things crypto.
Justin Shinabarger

Justin Shinabarger

Head of Reconciliation

Justin graduated from the University of Phoenix in 2011 with a degree in accounting. After graduating, he worked in a public accounting firm for three years doing tax and audits before moving to a controller position for a multinational corporation for 6 years. Justin pivoted to crypto accounting in the middle of 2020 and joined the Crypto Tax Girl team in early 2022. He has personally been involved in crypto since 2016 and loves to explore the newest gaming and DeFi projects.
Greg Childers

Greg Childers

Crypto Tax Specialist

After retiring from a 20-year career as a firefighter, Greg got a degree in Computer Science from the University of Maryland and joined Crypto Tax Girl as the first official employee! He spent the majority of his life and career in Georgia, but now spends his time traveling Europe with his wife. Greg also enjoys hiking, playing piano, and reading history.
Stephen Thomson

Stephen Thomson

Crypto Tax Specialist

Stephen began his career volunteering for a non-profit charity in NYC. His love for language and traveling eventually led him to move to Asia, where he studied Mandarin at a university in Taiwan. Then in 2014 while he was teaching English in mainland China, he discovered crypto and was immediately hooked! Upon returning back to the US, he learned everything he could about Web3, trading, and crypto accounting. After a few years as a Crypto Tax Girl client, he joined the team, which allows him to continue his crypto passion to the present day.

Rachel Paxman

Head of Tax

Rachel is a CPA at Crypto Tax Girl with eight years of experience in tax compliance. Rachel graduated with a Master of Accountancy from Brigham Young University in 2015. She then started her career at EY in the Private Advisory Services group specializing in expatriate tax. In 2021, Rachel joined Crypto Tax Girl as the Head of Tax. In this position, she supervises tax compliance, including individual, partnership, and S-corp returns, tax planning and research, and representation before the IRS. Rachel is a mother to three wonderful boys and loves hiking and exploring with them in the beautiful Pacific NW.

Jaci Wilsher


Jaclyn studied Mathematics Education at Brigham Young University. She speaks English and Spanish, and has previously worked in Information Technology as an Automation Engineer. Jaclyn is a mother to three girls, two of which are identical twins. She enjoys outdoor recreational activities, gardening, exploring new places, listening to audiobooks, and spending time with family and friends.

You Name It, We Know It

We have extensive crypto knowledge and use it to better serve our clients. We have the ability to handle all your most complex crypto tax situations, whether that be obscure DeFi platforms, NFTs, loans, DOA participation, Play2Earn gaming, mining, nodes, and more. You name it – we know how to handle it!

A Note From Our Founder

Hi! I’m Laura, aka the Crypto Tax Girl. I’m a CPA and I’ve been in crypto since 2014. I love all things crypto, so when the big bull run happened in 2017, I decided to leave my career at EY and start my own crypto tax firm. At the time, there weren’t any other CPAs talking about crypto taxes, so I started a Twitter account where I would regularly tweet out crypto tax tips. It quickly gained traction, and I began offering crypto tax preparation, advisory, and compliance services to other crypto enthusiasts. I never could have anticipated that I would still be doing the same thing all of these years later, but I’m so glad to be here!

I am passionate about helping people understand how crypto is taxed in approachable and easy to understand ways. I love talking with clients to learn more about their situation and then helping them come up with a tax strategy to use alongside their trading strategy. Though I prepare taxes for a living, I hate paying taxes, so I’ll always recommend ways to reduce the amount of taxes that you pay too.

Whether we work together now, or in the future, I look forward to helping you with your crypto taxes! Thanks for trusting me and my team 🙂

Quality Service

With over six years of experience in crypto taxes, our team has the expertise to make sure every account we take on gets done with complete accuracy. We take pride in making sure every one of our clients gets the service they pay for.

Client Satisfaction

We handle all of our clients’ accounts with the utmost respect and professionalism. This shows through our client retention rate which is over 95%.

Invested Staff

Every member of the CTG team has been involved in the crypto space for over 5 years. When we say we eat sleep and breathe crypto, we mean it!


We start every relationship with clear communication so that all parties understand the engagement. Throughout our process we work hand in hand with our clients to ensure complete accuracy and transparency.


We know that handling crypto data is a sensitive matter and we never share any information given to us with external parties. We also accommodate any security requests to make each client feel safe through the entire process.


Integrity is at the core of everything we do as a company. We put all of our clients first and make sure their needs are met and exceeded upon.